About Our Methods

Dumbledog's quest is to demystify the human-canine bond one owner at a time. You see, we don't believe that you need to be a fancy, professional, dog trainer to teach your furry friend effectively. Instead, we believe that you need a whole lot of care and loving persistence, combined with an approachable training system that can learn, practice, and apply.


By training your pup yourself, you and your pup will spend quality time together, interacting together, and learning about one another.  For this reason, you will find that Professor Dumbledog is the more slef-help solution to dog training.  Through our extensive compilation of best training practices, to our own mystical methods, you will find professordumbledog your go-to resource for your canine bhevaioral needs.


As for our methods, Professor Dumbledog's key to a lifelong bond with your dog involves the use of both reward-based techniques, and loving, natural, aversive consequences. The benefits are many, but here are a few: 


Your Dog Will Be Safer. Your Dog Will Behave When Left Alone. Your Dog Will Be More Sociable Your Dog Will Learn New Life Skills. Your Dog and Your Home Will See Less Stress.

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